August 4, 2019

Small fishes – please appreciate!

Here we would like to show you what every water sportsman, every sailor can see with the naked eye or snorkeling in the Adriatic. One speaks, – apart from the large dolphins (tursiops truncatus) – scarcely from the inconspicuous inhabitants of the coastal regions. Not only are they pretty to look at, they also seem to have a habitat to protect. Some even look around the corner as little personalities.

Small fishes (> 10 cm):

Luckily many algae, clams and sponges are not edible.

Anything but fish:

Many sailor or motor boater hearts still beat higher if they could order a fishplate for 2 people. Often they do not get anything special, huge amounts of squid rings, dry fillet, lanky bream.

The Mediterranean is overfished and that also applies to the Adriatic.

Unfortunately, fish is still not expensive enough.

Bigger fish:

Dolphins – ambassodors of joy: 

We’ve had the miracle of whizzing across the waves with up to 12 dolphins for fifteen minutes together. Their curiosity and joie de vivre, their speed and the beeps that they exchange among themselves, is one of the absolute highlites of our trips.

And here you can see us at work (special guest: Lydia)

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  • Hi there, thanks for sharing these amazing pictures with us. I absolutely agree, it is horrible to understand what those fishtrawlers do to our seas and especially the ground and why there ist so much demand for their business. Loving nature requires a level of awareness that includes not harming everything in sense of direct experience. maybe looking at fish is more enjoyable than eating it?
    Regards from Diego

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