Juli 28, 2019

Protection of sea turtles

In the bay of Loviste on the peninsula Peljesac we observed since April again and again about 80cm large and about 30-40 years old male sea turtle.

What a noble greeting from the geological past!

We are dizzy with worry that she could be caught in the high season like one of her conspecifics here by a ship’s propeller! You can not see the animals when they come to the air shortly to the water surface. They are shy and yet they take a while to sink deep enough again.

We are happy that the following pictures have been taken. For safety’s sake we have reported the animal to eTurtle and the SKIPPERTIPPS / July 2019 and now hope that more sailors and motorboat riders think about who they might hit when they accelerate.

Translation SKIPERTIPPS.de August 2019

They still exist, the sea turtles. Some specimens are even relatively true to location. Many people become doomed to this circumstance. An appeal to protect this species and report sightings, especially in a special bay, has reached us.

We thank you for your contribution to Ulrike and Geert.

Long-term sailors, which repeatedly in the bay of Loviste during the months of May to July in the far north of the peninsula Peljesac were at anchor, report of this Sea turtle, which they have regularly spotted here in the morning and evening hours.

It is a strictly protected copy. The animal is about 80 cm tall and about Be 60 years old. Skippers and crews are asked, especially in this bay, for surfacing Look for turtles.

Originally there were 2 sea turtles in Loviste. But Locals have reported that the smaller unfortunately a ship’s propeller victim has fallen.

If you see a sea turtle, you should also contact eTurtle. This scientific forum for the protection of endangered animals is for everyone Thank you for your stay information.

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