August 7, 2019

Our letters to heroes and authorities


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At least we have tried it:

Our mails to Greta Thunberg’s team, the sailing team Malizia and ageanrebreathe were perceived and even answered in the midst of the biggest media hype.

On instagram we follow the daring sailing course of the Malizia across tzhe Atlantic Ocean.

We do not share the criticism of Greta’s sailing trip. With its principles, it has promptly initiated one of the largest environmental movements in the world and set standards. It is always easy to criticize a single person instead of the complex political and economic organizations. Or even your own behavior.

A long way …

It is tedious to keep writing to the local authorities – especially as the quality of the g … translator is not particularly high once the sentences are more complex.

We are convinced that those responsible need to act locally. And it requires a delicate balance to demand without accusation.

We can see how much work has to be done here. It used not to be much better in our own country in many ways. But now we are 50 years ahead! We have no more time to loose and the world knows that.

… with the help of greepeace and others …

… at that time we dared to make the way into the governmental jungle of a foreign country. It is important that we get the attention of small individual activists and help from the big players.

That’s why we were delighted with the articles that reach a large readership, at least in our homeland – sailors. For the future.

… keep going …

… stay tuned, do not give up, ask again, write a second letter and continue to pursue the matter.

… and then – SUCCESS!

Every piece of plastic taken from the environment means 100% success.

Every spectator watching us collect. means 100% success.

Every discarded garbage bag means 100% success.

Every answer to a mail means 100% success.

Finally: Be loud !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You should not put your light under the bushel – how should we understand this sentence in our days other than this:

Do the right thing and say it out loud.

This is no time for quiet heroism.

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