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Sailors fight against the pollution of the seas



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Plastic waste in the Mediterranean – anyone can do something about it



Plastic waste in the Mediterranean – anyone can do something about it

The Mediterranean. In many of us it awakens the most beautiful holiday memories. But today, the Mediterranean is one of those open waters with the highest concentration of plastic waste in the world. Especially water sports enthusiasts should not close their eyes to this development. Plastic waste represents a challenge for society as a whole, which demands all our commitment. How easy it can be to make a contribution to the purification of the waters, we show the example of the couple Engelhardt. Her dedication hopefully inspires many people to imitate.

Dedicated KA members against plastic waste: Ulrike and Geert Engelhardt Ulrike and Geert Engelhardt are the owners of a Bavaria 49 TELL. Your home port is the marina in the charming village of Funtana in the region of Istria. Croatia’s northernmost peninsula is a fabulous Mediterranean area, characterized by crystal clear sea, secluded coves and picturesque harbor towns. But the couple, who is a member of the DSV cruiser division and has been sailing on the Adriatic for many years, is watching a frightening development: the Mediterranean is also stifling in plastic waste. When the Engelhardts arrive in the early summer of this year again the flower island Ilovik and there find one of the rare sandy beaches of Croatia once again totally littered, they make a decision. They only listen to wonder why the island’s administration does not clean this beach and tackle it themselves – the result of this action: a good 2m3 of collected plastic waste. Bora-safe bagged. To ensure that the collected waste is also disposed of, they also inform the mayor of Mali Losinj by e-mail and ask for the removal of the garbage. Next, the sailing trip and the garbage collection, because the motto of the couple is now: No anchoring without plastic waste! 5m3 of plastic waste has come together within 5 weeks – that’s about a ton! In the meantime, the authorities have also told them that they have complied with their request and have removed the rubbish to Ilovik. „For us a valuable confirmation that you as an individual can make a difference,“ notes Ute Engelhardt. But how much more could one achieve if as many people as possible joined the garbage collection initiative?

An appeal to all sailors

The couple Engelhardt appeals to all sailors to follow their example and to simply collect the garbage that they find at their anchorages and dispose of it professionally: „If every charter crew only collects a 120l garbage bag during a one-week trip and disposes of it properly in the next port would have done, „said the couple in a letter that has sent to numerous sailing schools and charter operations. In this way, it promotes support for their cause to reach as many like-minded people. By the way, you do not need much to make a contribution to water protection: a few gloves – even if the garbage is usually washed clean by the AMeer – a garbage bag, a cable tie and sturdy shoes are recommended by the dedicated garbage collectors. Here we go! Anyone who has become curious and wants to follow the plastic waste collection actions of Engelhardt in the season 2019, just take a look at her blog ↗. Under the menu item KreaTivSeegeln it is called „Anpacken“ ↗ it is about the environmental commitment of the couple. Exchange desired: you can leave feedback in the comments field.

Dear Sirs and Madames, as sailors, we feel responsible for collecting plastic waste in lonely bays and informing the authorities.

On June 22, 2019 we did that in Jurjeva Luka.

And on 06. August 2019 in the Uska bay.

We close the garbage in sacks. We also dunk the garbage out of the sea. The park rangers know that, too.

Unfortunately, last Sunday in Jurjeva Luka – one of the most visited places in Ubli – we noticed that until today nobody was there to pick up the sacks.

On the 12th of August we collected garbage in Korita bay. The bags are on the trail above the bathing area. Here we have seen that a lot of plastic waste was buried under the stones when the shore was fixed with excavators.

We do not understand why you can not get rid of the garbage. Because we pay parking fees for the park every day and even help you. We also do not understand why there is an open rubbish dump in a nature park.

Lastovo is a wonderful place, advertised in Eurapa. We would like to see the implementation of European standards here and ask you to pass this on in your administrative structures.

Please bring the garbage out of nature.

Attached are photos of the position of the sacks. Yours sincerely Ulrike and Geert Engelhardt

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