Croatian authorities 2019


First, we want to apologize for our failure.

Today, garbage bags will be left next to a dumpster in George’s Harbor to be picked up by the Communal.

Then we want to thank you for making and leaving this island more beautiful.

I hope Lastovo will one day meet European standards for waste management … the hardest way is to start with the first step.

Thank you one more time!


M. R.

Head of General and Municipal Affairs


Lastovo, 17. August 2019

Dear Sirs and Madames,

as sailors, we feel responsible for collecting plastic waste in lonely bays and informing the authorities.

On June 22, 2019 we did that in Jurjeva Luka. And on 06. August 2019 in the Uska bay. We close the garbage in sacks. We also dunk the garbage out of the sea. The park rangers know that, too.

Unfortunately, last Sunday in Jurjeva Luka – one of the most visited places in Ubli – we noticed that until today nobody was there to pick up the sacks.

On the 12th of August we collected garbage in Korita bay. The bags are on the trail above the bathing area. Here we have seen that a lot of plastic waste was buried under the stones when the shore was fixed with excavators.

We do not understand why you can not get rid of the garbage. Because we pay parking fees for the park every day and even help you.

We also do not understand why there is an open rubbish dump in a nature park.

Lastovo is a wonderful place, advertised in Eurapa. We would like to see the implementation of European standards here and ask you to pass this on in your administrative structures.

Please bring the garbage out of nature. Attached are photos of the position of the sacks.

Yours sincerely Ulrike and Geert Engelhardt

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