Croatian authorities 2018

Mayor of Mali Lošinj :

Dear Ms Mayor xxx, Unije, 08 June 2018 Ladies and Gentlemen,

We’re writing again because we use our holidays to do something about the immense environmental pollution of plastic garbage. As a sailor, we come again and again to places that are particularly beautiful and unfortunately especially full of plastic waste. We see that the vast amounts of coasts are hard to manage and still believe that everyone should try their best to liberate nature from plastic waste.

As on the last two occasions on Ilovik and Cres, we ask you again today to arrange that the plastic waste collected by us be transported away. This time it is about 1.5m³ in the bay Vogniŝća on the island of Unije. The exact position is 44 ° 39.8141N / 014 ° 15,802 E.

We have secured everything as well as possible against wind and sea (see photos).

Unfortunately, we never received an answer from you. We would be very happy if you would at least confirm receipt of our letter. We will continue to be committed to this topic in the future.

Mayor of Telascica:

Best regards, Ulrike and Geert Engelhardt

Dear Mayor xxx, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As a sailor, we always return to the farthest and most beautiful places of the Adriatic Sea – as well as to the beautiful natural harbor of Telascica in the south of Dugi otok.

Like everywhere else, rocky shores are full of plastic waste, even in a nature park. It is an honor to contribute to this huge pollution, so we collect garbage e.g. also here in Farfarikulac Bay.

Please take the garbage and pay attention to proper disposal so that it does not burn under open sky like here in the Hall Cemetery.

This is all a hit country with big problems. Maybe the state could use the extra revenue we had to pay in the form of increased taxes (One-off boat residence tax payments) from this year to better manage waste.

We would really appreciate it.

Honestly yours, Geert and Ulrike Engelhardt


Dear Sirs and Madames,

Immediately after the week after Mrs. Ulrike and Mr. Geert Engelhardt had collected plastic waste at the beach in Przina, Cleaner was working on the waste from Przina, which was confirmed by his superior, Mrs. T.xxxxx Ž.xxx In the summer, the municipal worker will visit all the beaches three times a week and garbage will be transported from the island, unfortunately we have to say that the plastic problem that the sea has on the coast is constant. We are aware of the problems, but regular beach visits and garbage disposal, and the conscientious behavior of all things will certainly be better.

We send you photos of Pržina from yesterday.

Sincerely, from Ilovik,,

Chairman of the Ilovik Local Council

Dear Sirs and Madames,

We are very happy about this message and the photos of Ilovik!

Now we hope that also in the two anchor bays on Cres (south side of the island Cres, in the first anchor bay west of the bay Majiške, position 44 ° 38, 4644 N / 014 ° 31, 1305 E) and Unije (bay Vognisca, position 44 ° 39, 8141 N / 014 ° 15, 802 E) our many plastic bags are collected, which we have collected there as well.

A message to us would be equally happy.

Many thanks and best regards,

Ulrike and Geert Engelhardt

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