Hello dear and great diving team, 

my husband and I are German sailors and snorkelers. Since 2 years we collect plastic waste from lonely bays in Croatia. Some German Magazins reportet about our activities as Nautische Nachrichten and YACHT (The article will be published on 21st August). We, too, correspond with the local authorities and hope to continue to set the European standards on their feet. 
We have linked your extremely meaningful diving actions on our blog
Our goal is to motivate many individual water sports enthusiasts and (vacation/charter)- sailors, to collect plastic garbage and document their actions and speak out loud. 
We would be glad if you could draw attention to us on the verge of the great media success of your actions. 
Thank you very much! Best regards Ulrike and Geert Engelhardt

Dear Ulrike,

Many thanks for your interest and your nice words. Congratulations as well for your activities, We prepare a large inbitiative with skippers on September since we have evidence that they also have to do a lot with the marine pollution. We will definitely keep your example and practices in mind. Keep it up!
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