Juni 28, 2019

What we achieved in 2019

2019 – the season opened for us. Unfortunately. We bathe in plastic waste here year after year.

We informed the German Sailors Association DSV and they have linked their 2018 newspaper article about us to our blog. Thanks a lot!

This year we plan to collect the waste in 120/150 liter sacks and dispose it in the next garbage cans (see our flyer below). But we refuse to collect where people live. In that sense, we have left a lot behind – and pleasingly little taken (but only because then we have stopped collecting sometime …)

Neither the authorities nor the private buoy field operators care much about the plastic waste in their beautiful, unsettled anchor bays. Some people – probably even well -meaning sailors – now and then sporadically dispose a pile of plastic in some of the natural hollows – where the wind naturally swirls the plastic up and scatters it all over the area.

Our record at the end of the season 2019:

  • We checked three collection points of 2018/19:
  • On Unije our many white sacks from 2018 are still untouched under the trees. That’s bitter, because we even wrote the mayor of Mali Losinj twice (here the lyrics).
  • What we packed in the Telascica Nature Park in 2018 and reported to the authorities was cleared away. We were happy !!

On Lastovo we were able to control one of our collection points after only 2 months. No indication, – it bothers in the park no one person, neither community nor Ranger.

But our letter to the community and the nature park administration was answered very friendly. The garbage will be cleared and we will be informed. That’s a good success! (klick here for more)

We packed and / or disposed of 1.5 m³ of plastic waste in 2019.

To protect at least one sea turtle in Loviste we have the SKIPPERTIPPS.de and reported to blue-world /eTurtle (see here).

(Our attempt to help a chain dog on Lastovo has probably failed despite our written complaint to the community.)

We launched our new blog sailorsforfuture.com and informed about more than 50 charter companies and sailing clubs.

The YACHT magazine reports about us in its issue of 21 August 2019 (see here).

We had contact by mail with Greta Thunberg’s sailing team Malizia (see here) and with the divers of ageanrebreathe (see here).

We are very encouraged by the fact that these prominent people have taken up our activities.

„Many small people in many small places, who do many little things, can change the face of the world.“

(From Africa)

Our Flyer:

We translated our flyer in English and hang it along our route.

April, 09th, 2019 Unije Maracol:

Whenever we sail here, the garbage will not be less.

April 17th, 2019 Kornati Island /Kravaljacica:

It’s  terrible to see the garbage even in the National- or Natureparks. The authorities charge a lot of entrance, ranger come and collect money. It seems to be a good system, – … just how does the sailor come to these garbage cans??

May 2019:

We get our blog sailorsforfuture.com up and running. A lot of work – feels really good!

June 28th, Lastovo / Ubli, Jurjeva Luka:

… until we discovered the open garbage waste disposal near Ubli /Lastovo Island. At this point we wished, the garbage would have been burned instead of giving it back to the wind and the seagulls … !

July 13, 2019 Sea off Loviste and Hvar:

Grabbed! If only all harpoon divers were harmless plastic dumpsters armed with boat hooks …

July 24, 2019 Loviste:

An editor of the yacht magazine has located us and conducted a long interview with Ulli. We are pleased, because last year we tried in vain to the yacht for an article. Now we are in good spirits that even our blog sailorsforfuture.com gets a nice boost.

The article will be published on 21st August.

August 01st, 2019 Trstenik:

Caught! At least we can reuse the swimming ring well as noise protection.

August 06st, 2019 – Hiroshima Day – Lastovo / Uska bay:

Lastovo – the most beautiful among the wild Croatian islands!

Inspired by the divers in front of the Greek island of Andros and the plethora of plastic garbage on a certain spot underwater near our ship, we have today made a special garbage collection. Our blue swimming ring (see entry 01. August Trstenik) has again served us well.

Our dinghy has served us more often than garbage truck – the more bitter the fact that here police and park rangers patrol and cash, but a government boat to the garbage (on the unfortunately uncovered garbage dump – see our entry from 28th June) to Ubli we have not seen yet.

Well, we will write a letter to the local island administration and ask you to pick up the garbage.

What we found: Mostly water bottles, also many shoes. Definitely not the fishermen left! And a monster we just could not lift.

August 12, 2019, Korita / Lastovo

Our last collection of the season takes place again on Lastovo, this time in the beautiful Korita bay. Between the natural rocks that surround the bay stood a large blue plastic bin with no lid and bottom. In it, well-meaning people before us once again stuffed a lot of trash and then let them stand.

We have now changed and everything else – especially a lot of Styrofoam – collected, stowed in bags, tied up and safely parked above the bay on the trail. It would also be reachable by car from Zaklopatica.

When collecting it turned out that the artificially dredged access to the sea is full of buried plastic waste. Impossible to bring the stuff out of the ground again. In millions of years, oil will have been squeezed out of it … That makes us angry.

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  • Ich muss sagen, dass hier auf den Seychellen recht viel getan wird. An den Stränden liegt absolut kein Müll und auch im Meer habe ich bisher keinen gesehen. Daran sollte sich das Mittelraumgebiet mal dringend ein Beispiel nehmen. An vielen beliebten Stränden stehen hier große Mülltonnen, die von den Touristen genutzt werden. Alles in allem deutlich angenehmer. Bei stärkerem Wind bekommt man demnach auch keinen Müll ins Gesicht geweht. Die Vermüllung ist wirklich sehr sehr bitter und ich kann absolut nicht verstehen, wenn Urlauber ihren Müll nicht wieder mitnehmen, sondern am Strand liegen lassen!
    Schön, dass ihr euch einsetzt.

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