Juni 28, 2019

What we achieved in 2018

Document, inform Greenpeace and the authorities and make steam.

In 2018 we bagged 5m³ in just ten days, that was a lot!

Our idea is not to talk long, but to tackle it. Especially in lonely bays, which reach only us sailors, we have collected the garbage in larger bags and lashed well enough or stowed far enough on land, then noted the position and the local authorities were kindly informed and asked to pick up the garbage.

On Ilovik our garbage was disposed of. The authority has informed us and sent us a proof photo. Great!

With the help of Greenpeace Croatia we have given the matter a little more emphasis. Then we have written to more then 100 German sailing schools and charterers and sent them this flyer. In general, the echo was positive and numerous, the German sailor association, DSV, even reported about us. (Here: English translation)

The EU, on the other hand, has a fine silence.

There are many great initiatives aimed at sailors, we just mention „Die Gewässerretter“ (the watersheds) here. 2018 was a good year for awareness. It should stay that way, but it has to go faster!

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